What can We Watch Next?


vs some other basket ball team

So I'd love to say we're getting together to watch every March Madness game, but that won't happen for most of the games, but as many of the UF games as we can as the London Gator club will try to do so. Check back here for each game's status.


But the chances are the game could be showed at the Sports Bar and Grill in Marylebone. Check back here later to see if any more info has been posted. You can also check at the London Gators facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UFLondonGatorClub



For those other games we can't stay-up and watch or if you want a self-run experience in watching the games, read on.

So with the new world of technology it has gotten more confusing than ever before, but here is the easiest way I can explain what you will need to do to watch online (LEGALLY).

1. Sign-up and use https://hola.org/ to have a USA VPN for free.

2. Make sure to contact family back in the USA. If someone back there still subscribes to normal cable service (Comcast, Time Warner, etc) they should have an official user account with that company, get their username and password. This is VITAL to get to watch the games.

3. Turn on your USA VPN via the Hola plug-in. Then go to http://www.ncaa.com/march-madness.

4. Choose the "Watch every game live" logo/link.

5. You should be able to watch everything from here on. Mind you, the games should all be viewable from the NCAA website, but I don't know that for sure. But they should give proper explination if not.

Good luck!




How to Watch

(Click on the links to visit the official websites)

This will be changing A LOT this year, major problems have arisen...

If you are person who has been in the UK for a while, you probably had your routine. Jump over to ESPN America to watch College Gameday then see what games ESPN America had chosen this week and if ESPN had decided to pick up a major game. Well ESPN America is no more and ESPN has been bought by BT Sports. If you don't have BT Broadband subscription, Sky or Virgin Media XL package --well you are not in luck.

If you can't make London then your legal choices are:

1. ESPN Player This is a high quality online streaming service. This will be your main source for LIVE coverage for much of the football and/or men's basketball season- and for all those 12am/1am games- you can watch the whole game when you feel like within a few hours after the game finishes [Hint for non-live viewings- most commercial breaks are roughly 2 minutes- and the fastforward button jumps 1 minute each click].

Because ESPN and the SEC made a new major TV deal you should now be able to find every game that is not shown on CBS in the States. ESPN Player is a subscription service, which you can pay for daily viewing (£8.99), monthly (£17.99) or yearly price (£99.99). The other benefit of ESPN Player is that you can access a bunch of new College sports too like baseball & lacrosse. Almost all the games the ESPN Networks have access to in the US (ESPNU, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC) you will have access to via this service. This includes almost all the bowl games [a few are owned by Fox Sports].

2. ESPN (BT Sport) -- I won't put a link to this one yet-- as they don't have a proper TV listing site yet- and limited people can get this [you need special packages to get access to it now]. But week to week it will vary if College Game Day is shown and what games will be shown. I do list this as #2 only because it is cheaper/easier than the other two listed below, but you take your chances if they are going to show anything you want to watch.

3. Gator Vision Online This is UF's OFFICIAL online live streaming network. This is a pay service ($10.95 monthly, $39.95 for 4 months or $109.95 yearly). This is run by UF and will try to live broadcast most of UF's non-major sports (ie everything but football and men's basketball), which is the main benefit of this network if you are fan of the other UF sports that don't get TV time (all the women's sports; baseball, track and field, etc). Most games/matches are shown live, unless the rights to those games are owned by a TV network. The service is improving each year- not always the best quality- but it is getting there. The nice thing about this service is you can watch condensed versions of all the football games and basketball games [except NCAA tourney games].

4. SEC Digital Network- The SEC obtained the rights to EVERY SEC game in EVERY sport. Now whether they will upload any of those games that are not football- can't tell you. In their "SECDownload" section they sell full indiviual games from the current football season and select games from previous seasons for rent or sale [but are VERY expensive]. If you prefer highlights and some random full games you can go to the "SECVideo" section. ***Something which I'm not sure if it works on this side of the pond is the SECSmartTV app-- seems the SEC has got PS3, Sony Network, Google TV and number of others to create a SECDigital On-Demand Network so you can view these games directly on your TV. Very cool if it works over here.