What can We Watch Next?


vs FSU

Saturday 25-Nov 17:00

Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company... Yep, we've made it to the end of this ride called a football season. It's one we all hope to forget real soon. But much like Thanksgiving left overs, there's something potentially really good waiting for us all. It's that the FSU Seminoles are just as bad as us. Yes, they have the same exact record. So this is it folks. If the boys in blue can beat the clowns, then we aren't the worst team in the state [Yes, even FIU and FAU are MUCH better than us this year.] Come on out and let's get our cheer on one last time for 2017! Get out of the house, flat, hotel, etc and get over to our favourite location Sports Bar and Grill in Marylebone, we'll have some good food, a few drinks, and watch our boys in blue and orange. Gotta love being a Gator!

By the way, if you haven't some how seen ScooterMagruder and his great videos- look no further: How Gator Fans React...


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 For those games we can't stay-up and watch or if you want a self-run experience in watching the games, read on.




How to Watch

(Click on the links to visit the official websites)

This will be changing again this year, but potentially for the better-- so your legal choices are:

1. ESPN Player This is a high quality online streaming service. This will be your main source for LIVE coverage for much of the football and/or men's basketball season- and for all those 12am/1am games- you can watch the whole game when you feel like within a few hours after the game finishes.

Because ESPN and the SEC made a major TV deal you should now be able to find every SEC game that is not shown on CBS in the States. They have added a live feed of the SEC Network so you can watch all the programming.

ESPN Player is a subscription service, which you can pay for monthly (£19.99) or yearly price (£109.99). The other benefit of ESPN Player is that you can access a bunch of other College sports too like volleyball, soccer, baseball, & lacrosse. College Game Day will be shown live and you'll be able to watch later too. All the games the ESPN Networks have access to in the US (ESPNU, ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC- and the SEC network games and programs) you will have access to via this service. This includes almost all the bowl games [a few are owned by Fox Sports].

2. ESPN (BT Sport) -- Week to week it will vary if College Game Day is shown and what games will be shown. Try this to see what could be on.

3. Gator Vision Online This is UF's OFFICIAL online live streaming network. A LOT has changed with this because of the SEC Network. I have no idea if you'll be able to watch anything but post-game events. It seems they do audio broadcasts of many things. Feel free to explore.


**Sadly there is no way to stream all college games officially/legally. But if you don't have family with a Slingbox back in the US, you may want to check out google and see what you can find around the internet. There are places that feel like they can give you a FIRST ROW seat to viewing some of the games. Note the proper sites to use will NEVER ask you to download software to view these games. Any site that does is trying to install malware or something as bad. DON'T DO IT! And if you find something remember these particular sites don't charge, they make money off of annoying ads.